Revenue sharing takes many different forms, although each campaign involves sharing operating profits among associated partners/customers. Revenue sharing can be used as an affiliate program – businesses pay customers or associates a percentage-based reward for purchasing campaigns. A referral program can be used and incentivised when referring new customers, for example. Revenue sharing is usually used to distribute profits resulting from a business relationship. This has become a popular tool within corporate enterprises to promote partnerships, increase sales or share expenses. Revenue sharing models are not only used by Private businesses; both the U.S. and Canadian governments previously used revenue sharing regarding taxation.


Assured Revenue specialises in advertising and revenue sharing, any individual can participate in our affiliate program to earn extra money on their spare capital. Our service provides individuals with high quality advertising campaigns generating a wealthy income on a month-to-month basis. We target customers that seek a secure way to earn money without putting in the hard work.


Each advertising campaign costs £500, there is three sharing levels offering different maximum values, please view these values below:
Low Sharing Campaigns – Buy 1 - 9 campaigns, maximum value received £550 per campaign
Medium Sharing Campaigns – Buy 10+ campaigns, maximum value received £575 per campaign
High Sharing Campaigns – Buy 20+ campaigns, maximum value received £600 per campaign


There is no guaranteed timeframe to reach the maximum value and is purely based on performance, our current performances show the campaigns end between the 9-12 month period. High sharing campaigns generate stronger results and likely to reach the maximum value quicker than the low sharing campaigns. We always work hard to add more lucrative campaigns every day and we aim to increase the profits we share with our customers, as time passes more customers will join our affiliate program and we can reach the maximum value in a shorter time frame. Assured Revenue is driven by results and these results are shared with our customers!


• A customer purchasing 10 advertising campaigns will cost £5000 and becomes a member of our affiliate program.
• We distribute these funds into our multi channel network of publishers and advertiser's running live campaigns to generate revenue on a daily basis.
• The profits we make minus the service charges taken out by our network partners are then shared with the customer.
• A share of the profits will be paid to the customer at the end of each month and until the maximum value has been reached, for 10 campaigns that amounts to £5750.
• A customer can login to their online account to see their balance at anytime, all active campaigns can also be viewed, we call this revenue sharing, all you do is monitor the campaigns and watch your money grow, sounds simple right?


Not only can you make money by purchasing advertising campaigns we offer customers another way to capitilise on this opportunity. Assured Revenue offers a referral program to all customers allowing their friends and family to join the affiliate program and start earning.. A £50 referal bonus is credited to the customer that initially refers the new member while a £50 bonus is received toS the new member upon sign up. The referral program offers another income stream boosting your overall profits..


1. Complete Transparency – View live running campaigns at all times
2. Charity Support – We support UK charities by donating part of our income
3. Licensed Company – We are fully licensed by the data protection act
4. Top online security – High security to protect our customers private details
5. Account Management – Dedicated account manager to run your live campaigns
6. Dedicated Support Team – Supported through live chat, email, phone or social networks
7. Customer Reviews – See what our customers say about their experience
8. Referral Program – Invite friends and family, unlimited referrals
9. Welcome Bonus – £50 welcome bonus to all customers
10. Referral Bonus – £50 referral bonus for each additional sign up