What is Assured Revenue?
We are an advertising company that offers an affiliate program for customers that purchase advertising campaigns to generate an extra income. Our revenue sharing program is for every member that buys advertising campaigns on our site. There are three sharing groups to choose from, our low, medium and high profit sharing groups offer a different maximum value.

Can I Join Assured Revenue For Free?
No, Assured Revenue has limited slots available and works on a sign up fee bases in order to generate revenue for clients, you can buy advertising campaigns that cost £500 each and you receive a maximum value up to £600 return on each advertising campaign depending on the sharing group you choose. The more campaigns you purchase the higher the maximum value received.

Do I need to purchase an advertising campaign to earn?
Yes, purchasing advertising campaigns will generate a monthly return and offers a healthy profit.

What do I need to do once I purchase an advertising campaign, do I need knowledge?
Once you purchase an advertising campaign Assured Revenue will take control and create and activate your campaign, we do all the hard work for you. You sit back and just monitor the growth over a period of time, and if you like, you can buy more campaigns to earn more money its that simple!

What other ways are there to earn from Assured Revenue?
You can generate money in 2 ways:
1. Buying advertising campaigns will earn a share from our affiliate program, you will earn a percentage of our revenue sharing system which is paid out every month until the maximum value has been reached.
2. Promoting the Assured Revenue ‘Referral Program’ will generate £50 per referral. We have the most lucrative affiliate program in the business and we accept unlimited referrals.

How does Assured Revenue generate income & able to pay me a share of the profits?
Assured Revenue is supported by JD7Media which is a well established and licensed digital marketing company that runs advertising campaigns, data and lead generation constantly generating income. When a customer purchases a campaign it instantly starts making money and you can actually view the campaigns running live in your personal account on the platform. We work on a transparent basis so customers can see the campaigns performig at all times, we hide nothing from you!

What Makes Assured Revenue Unique?
We will only make changes to improve the service to our customers/partners, we are always upgrading and implementing new processes to make it more user friendly and even more profitable. We have no reason to reduce the maximum values in each sharing group, performances will get stronger over time and we will achieve better results meaning our customers will experience a higher share of the profits generated.

Will you change the model, alter or reduce the returns I make?
All other rev-sharing companies are dependant on ad pack purchases to pay out members. We are building a complete network of online assets that generate revenue in order to pay out members each month, we are confident when we say ‘we are here to last’ We will keep on expanding our network in order to pay out the revenue share to all our members.

Is Assured Revenue A Ponzi/Hyip/Pyrmaid Scheme?
No! We sell advertising campaigns and give you a share of the revenue generated from your purchase. We simply share the revenue from our entire network with people buying advertising. A Ponzi scheme is merely a system that pays members from income generated from new members. We build multiple assets that generate external revenue and use this to pay our members, we assure you a maximum value of 10% - 20% cash back will be generated on each advertising campaign that you purchase. We are here to pay revenue share on advertising forever!

Can I move into the next sharing group?
You can increase the number of advertising campaigns at anytime by purchasing additional campaigns, however if you hold 9 low sharing campaigns and purchase one extra, to total 10 campaigns you will not move into the medium sharing campaign band. Therefore you will hold 10 campaigns totalling the maximum valued reached within the low sharing campaign. Customers can purchase separate campaigns that fall into a higher sharing group. If you previously purchased 6 campaigns in a low sharing group and you want to purchase an additional 10 campaigns in a medium sharing group you can make additional purchases. Your account will then show a low sharing group purchase and also a medium sharing group purchase. You can make as many separate purchases as you wish and you can track the performances on the platform by logging into your account.

Can you Guarantee the return on my purchases?
Each advertising campaign purchased will run until the maximum value is paid, this is the original purchase of £500 per advertising campaign plus the profits shared from the revenue generated, this is capped at the maximum value offered depending on the sharing group you accepted. Each sharing group offers a different value based on the number of campaigns you purchase, the more campaigns you hold the higher share of the profits earned.

Is There A Refund Policy?
No, there is no refund once the advertising campaigns have been purchased, however you can wait until your campaign ends and reaches the maximum value of the campaign.