Content underneath this heading - The channel partnership program is designed for all businesses that would like to refer their customers to our affiliate program. We provide full channel support for our partners and full customer support for your referrals to take away the extra work load. Our partners can keep track of their referrals by logging into the online platform, your account will show each customer as an individual referral showing the relative details. Any additional campaigns purchased by your referrals will generate another income stream. We work only with registered businesses that seek strong and lasting partnerships, we support UK charities and encourage our partners to also help support our cause!


• Channel Platform - Use Our Powerful Advertising Platform
• Fast Payout - Partners Commissions Are Paid Bi-weekly
• Full Support - Partners Receive Full 24/7 Support
• High Commissions - Sliding Scale, Earn 5% - 10% Commission
• Transparency - View All Client Purchases / Active Campaigns
• Mobile Login - Access Account From Any Device Anywhere
• Dedicated Managers - We Manage All Customer Accounts
• Referral Program - Clients Can Still Refer Friends & Family
• Welcome Bonus - Customers Receive A £50 Welcome Bonus
• Referral Bonus - Customers Receive A £50 Referral Bonus
• Unlimited Referrals - Partners Can Refer Unlimited Customers


Under £50,000 during one month - Partner receives 5% commission on total value

£51,000 - £100,000 during one month - Partners receive 8% commissions on total value

Over £100,500 during one month - Partners receive 10% commission on total value

*Please note each month starts on the 1st & ends on the last day of each month, some months contain less days than others but still classed as a full month*



1) Channel Partners can open a Channel Account by signing up for FREE!
2) Channel Partners then refer customers to our Affiliate Program to signup using the unique referral code
3) All customers will need to provide details and photo ID so we can authorise the customers account
4) Once the customers account has been authorised an invoice is sent to the customer to finalise the purchase.
5) Upon receipt of the funds, we will send login details direct to the customer and add the welcome bonus to the customers account
6) Campaigns are then created on the platform ready for activation so money can be generated immediately
7) The Channel Partner account will show the active referral and the number of campaigns they purchased, this amount will contribute towards the total commission value for the current month. This way you can keep track of the total referrals and the total amount purchased by your overall referrals, this determines what commission bracket you fall into before the current month ends.
8) Repeat the process for each additional customer, you can refer unlimited customers to our Affiliate Program