Assured Revenue is a new entity with a powerful background and strong foundation offering Marketing services, Data products and lead generation. We are licensed by the Information Commissioner Officer (ICO) and have over 15 years experience within the industry.

Our platform has been running since 2015 and now we introduce our affiliate program offering individuals an opportunity to generate a second income by utilising our unique model. The Affiliate program offers revenue sharing positions. We do not sell "shares" we only sell advertising campaigns. It's from the sales of our services that we share revenues.

When our members purchase advertising campaigns from Assured Revenue, they are held by the company and naturally there is cost associated with providing these services. Each service provided generates a profit margin that we share with you! Each campaign purchased will continue to sharing revenue until the maximum value has been reached. We offer three sharing groups and you choose a group based on the number of campaigns you wish to purchase.

Assured Revenue works closely with various UK charities donating a percentage of our income, helping others is a key part of our business. Clients can also participate by donating to one of the charities available in the list. Assured Revenue is an ethical company helping individuals secure a better future.

Assured Revenue offers complete transparency to affiliates. Our platform offers you what no other company will, you can see live campaigns the moment you login to your account. We believe transparency is key in any business showing customers how we actually generate money and help secure their future as we see each customer as our partner.