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Welcome to Assured Revenue a lucrative affiliate program designed to boost company revenue, individuals can join our affiliate program by purchasing advertising campaigns which are managed, analysed and monitored by our dedicated account managers. Our experienced account managers will generate revenue driven by performance and the customer receives a share of these profits on a monthly basis, its that simple!


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In todays society its difficult to make money online, reaching financial freedom isn’t possible if you try to cut corners. Assured Revenue offers you an exceptional affiliate program that finally takes advantage of todays market and helping you generate a much higher return on your spare capital. Advertising campaigns are managed by expert account managers working in exclusive partnerships. Its reassuring to know a dedicated team is in control of your campaigns maintaining a high performance around the clock, the better we perform the more you will earn.

What makes us different froM the rest!

Pro's & con's

The majority of revenue sharing companies sell “advertising products” which can be described as low or high quality products. In other words, if the product is low quality it will NOT attract outsiders to invest into the business. This setup is doomed to fail from the start, because the profits will be generated from the same members that expect to get a share of the revenue, it eventually breaks down. You see the problem? Assured Revenue has many high quality products, thousands of individuals use these products and not part of the rev-sharing aspect. Our large database helps the company expand ensuring that we can pay all our members that join our affiliate program!

Revsharing explained!

What is Revsharing?

Revenue sharing is an organisation that offers a payment to partners and associates for recommending customers to the company helping the business grow. The organisation offers a percentage of the revenue by sharing in this way, a company can build strategic partnerships with large corporations without working directly with them. These types of professionals can include lawyers, estate agents, insurance companies, accountants and many more professional businesses.

What's Important?

Using revenue sharing as a marketing strategy, can prove more cost-effective and generate more leads than many of the traditional marketing methods. This type of marketing strategy is key, as it creates a much larger incentive for partners and associates to filter business into the company since they receive a share of the revenue generated by the growing business.

Company Standards?

When choosing a rev share partner, it's important to work with similar companies with the same work ethics and company standards that you use when dealing with your own clients. Increasing revenue is a key factor in any company's success and the customers' best interests are very important, however if you accept client referrals from a partner that has very lower standards, then it can upset the business as a whole. All our partners share the same ethical processes and maintain high standards throughout the company. Assured Revenue/JD7 Media are a strong believer in transparency and we give back to society by donating to UK charities.

Any Concerns?

There are concerns to keep in mind when forming revenue sharing partnerships, some are determined on how partnerships are structured and whether there are any compliance issues involved with the potential partnership. Another concern is deciding the exclusivity of the contract with your potential business partners while a lack of exclusivity can effect the success of your revenue-sharing programs.

Assured Revenue eliminates these concerns by laying strong foundations with exclusive partners and building strong relationships with entities that share the exact same work ethics as Assured Revenue. We remove the hassle away from the customer by doing all the hard work, allowing you to sit back and relax.